They have their exits and their entrances – AS YOU LIKE IT, II vii

This one is important. Not to the world – ack, not right now – but to me, a bit. I ask to hear from you.

Should I keep on doing this?

I started this blog because I had a year – longer, really, if you include the six months or so of good gigs and stories built up before that – of solid, all-encompassing Shakespeare employment. That hasn’t stopped entirely, but it’s certainly slowed down, and during this same time the world has, to say the least, picked up.

I have some ideas of interesting directions for the blog, including some interviews I’d like to do, a whole line-by-line breakdown of a role I’ve prepared for, and other things that might be fun, but I was also born just long enough before the internet that I a) lack the Beckettian compulsion to express into what may well be a vacuum (which much of the world’s blogging community possesses in spades), and b) have pre-millennial thumbs, as my phone constantly reminds me. That last one’s not really relevant, but man. I’m a good speller, I swear. Yet the phone wants me to look illiterate. It clearly wants that, in some dark HAL 9000/Edgar from Electric Dreams way it wants that.


Which is to say I’m still enthusiastic about doing this, but not if I’m just (cringe-verb) journaling. I can do that in one of these blank books piling up around the house, without the bloggular trappings.

So I ask those of you who read this on occasion to take a second and drop the briefest of lines – I’m not sad/desperate for approval/seeking testimonials; just a wave or a thumb or any small assertion of non-vacuum will suffice – so I have some idea of whether or not to continue with regular posts in this world where much of your blog-skimming time is necessarily devoted to finding out what may or may not kill you today.


6 thoughts on “They have their exits and their entrances – AS YOU LIKE IT, II vii

  1. I don’t stop here often. But my advice would be to do as you wish. It’s your space, pardon the pun. Time and frequency are really quite relative. And as for the journal aspect of it, sometimes it is worthwhile to have an audience.


  2. As mine is a life with not-quite-enough Shakespeare, I will vote yea. But as a fan of traditional Shakes I say do whatever fulfills you as long as you’re still pulled back to Central Park each summer.

    I confess that I get maximal enjoyment out of your posts when I read them slowly and imagine them narrated in Maupin voice. I’d try the same trick when reading the front page of the Times, but the lack of comedic relief would both spoil the effect and probably exasperate imagined-you.


  3. Non-vacuum! I find you encouraging and thought-provoking (and also printed one of your articles to place in my fat director book for an upcoming project, so feel free to add helpful to that list).

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