For the rain it raineth every day–TWELFTH NIGHT, V i

This is a bit of silliness I had forgotten all about, written for a classic film blog I dabbled with a few years ago, in which I laid out the ideal cast for Twelfth Night had it been filmed by 20th Century Fox circa 1944. It belongs here as much as it did there, and it may be for my entertainment only, but that’s hardly my problem. I’m putting it here anyway. It begins with a few thoughts about the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest, Edward Everett Hortonest hombre of all time that was part of a character actor-themed blogathon and wanders off from there.

I offer no apologies: here it is.

UPDATED: I became aware as I went to bed after posting this that on that initial post years ago I neglected to included Malvolio, which would be enough of a gaffe already on a site not named after his leg coverings. I had cast him (because the choice is patently obvious) but somehow neglected to include a photo. I correct that error now. To wit:

I like to think Eric Blore would’ve finally gotten the Oscar nod he deserved for this one.

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