Brothers, you mix… – HENRY IV Pt. 2, Vii

Tonight is opening night for the Kentucky Shakespeare production of Titus Andronicus for which I did dramaturgy, script butchery, and text coaching. Aspects of the production’s staging were inspired by Tarantino and the Coen brothers, known not only for their visions of dark comedy and cinematic violence but also for great soundtracks. Which got me thinking.

So here I propose a soundtrack for Titus Andronicus – as with most soundtracks, some of the songs hold lyrical significance, some harmonic, and some just feel right. Don’t think too hard. Enjoy! And to the cast and crew, break legs, chop hands, and have fun!


“Serenade for a Jive Turkey” – The Nite-Liters   (good kitchen cookin’ music)

“September Song” – James Brown   (Titus was only seven days from retirement)

“Mothra’s Song” – Emi Ito and Yumi Ito (this feels like Tamora’s theme to me)

“Sweet Revenge” – The 101’ers   (carries a bitter sting)

“Postizo” – Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos  (means “false”, also in the prosthetic sense, like “false teeth” or…)

“Wake Up Darling” – Tamara Dearing   (Lavinia had one good night)

“Mr. Bach Meets Batman” – The Explorer   (Saturninus lacked personal fanfare)

“Hide and Seek” – The Feminine Complex   (so many possibilities)

“Do It Again” – Clifford Coulter   (“There’s not a lot of money in revenge” – Inigo Montoya)

“Enumerated List of Probable Difficulties” – The Big Forgive   (it pays to have a plan, right, Aaron?)

“Who Knows Where the Time Goes?” – Sandy Denny   (after the sons of Tamora leave, before Marcus enters, there is a moment)

“Light of Rome” – The Shambles (unkind tribunes walk the sons of Titus to their trial)

“What Can You Bring Me?” – Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band   (a hand? some heads?)

“Little Birdie” – Vince Guaraldi   (I like to think both Will and Ovid know why this is here)

“California Dreamin’” – Baby Huey   (chillin’ at dinner, swattin’ flies)

“Três Garotes” – Os Santos   (good arrow-shooting music)

“Fat Cakes” – Jimmy McGriff   (I guess food is just on my mind)

“The Hatchet Man” – The Coasters   (threatening messages to the emperor)

“Midnight” – Luz y Fuerza   (Revenge, Rapine, and Murder come to call)

“Sweet Revenge” – John Prine   (will prevail, without fail)

“Bar-B-Q” – Wendy Rene   (“I smell sometin’ in the air; you know, it smells like bar-b-q”)

“I’m Gonna Live Some Before I Die” – Faron Young   (this applies, how you say, severally)

“All Right Now” – Lea Roberts   (spoiler: Lucius takes charge)

“Ways to Be Wicked” – Lone Justice   (too on the nose? maybe – but end credits are required)

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