I’m in the midst of two productions right now. Well, three. Well, five.

I’m in rehearsals for Macbeth at Actors Theatre of Louisville¬†(directed by Les Waters) as various almost-named characters, as well as rehearsals for Kentucky Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus¬†(directed by Matt Wallace) which I’m not in but did the cutting (Henry Irving called them “arrangements”, which I like a lot) and am acting as dramaturg and text coach.

In January, Kentucky Shakespeare is doing Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, in which I’m Guildenstern, who talks… a lot, so the dozen lines I have in Macbeth are a blessing – I can burrow into the dressing room after we open Tuesday and learn a bunch of those. And in the spring, Kentucky Shakespeare will be touring an abbreviated Julius Caesar¬†around the state, which I’m cutting – pardon, “arranging” – and doing a full-length version in July as part of its summer season. I’m trimming that first, then cutting the spring tour from that trimming. There will be two more summer shows as well, but they’re not announced yet so there’s nothing I can do about them.

So those plays are on my brain’s front burner right now. Will others land in the pot? God, I hope not. Until November, anyway.

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